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The Father's Heart  9.13.15

The Lord’s Prayer provides the church with a paradigm that teaches us how we should pray, and consequently, how all Christians should live.


This prayer has been a central position of the church for thousands of years, yet there’s so much more to this prayer than a quick repeating during times of struggle or routine.  The Lord’s Prayer is for today,  but fully understanding the Lord’s Prayer requires careful reflection  on the significance of each word and each line.

That’s what the series “Kingdom Come,” is all about  - looking intently at the structure, wording, petitions and promises of the Lord’s Prayer for the 21st century. There is great assurance for today in knowing the Lord hears our requests, knows our needs and will respond in a way that aligns with His goodness and Character.


We hope you will join us in our 21st century pursuit of the ancient question posed by a disciple,  “Lord teach us to Pray.”

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