Dear Church Family,


 “God did not call us to build a mega-church, God called us to make a mega impact.” 
This statement is on the back of the first  promotional tri-fold introducing North Point Church to the community.


After 8 years of North Point’s existence, I can assure you that statement is as concrete in my heart as it was the day we started.


Making disciples is hard work, intentional, and costly, but absolutely worthy of our church’s time and resources. There’s no easy way around it. In order to do the Kingdom work we must have a Kingdom mindset and be willing to invest in our future.  Over the next few months,the North Point family will be challenged to consider our spiritual impact on this city.  This challenge comes with a slogan, “Investing for Eternity.”  And, that’s exactly what this campaign is all about.


You and I both know that North Point has only scratched the surface in ministering to our community, and planning for our future ministry impact is vital.   Having a permanent facility is not about building and hoping people come.  It’s about building with a purpose.  That purpose?  To see God’s fame spread, His name proclaimed, the good news preached, house the training of disciples, teach our children the truth, create space for others, and the list goes on.


You are an important part of our history and an important part of our future.  I’m asking you to begin praying about how you can give of your time, treasure and talent to see North Point Church take another step toward fulfilling her purpose by considering how you can be, “Investing for Eternity.”


- Pastor Jason


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